Journey of Man

How did the human race populate the world? A group of geneticists have worked on the question for a decade, arriving at a startling conclusion: the global "family tree" can be traced to one African man who lived 60,000 years ago. Dr. Spencer Wells hosts this innovative series, featuring commentary by expert scientists, historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists.

VHS & Book set

                                The paperback shown at the right by Dr. Spencer Wells is advertised in the WGBH Shop for PBS aired VHS and DVD videos as grade level 9+. The video follows a Y-chromosome (the chromosome found only in males that every boy receives from his father) marker and is at odds with some research that claims the human migration begain 100,000 years ago. Dr. Spencer and his collaborators have produced work that contends that the migration begain "only" 60,000 years ago, as described in a National Geography News Web Article.                                

A DVD is available from PBS shops to be used in conjunction with class materials.

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   Hardcover Book to deepen the presentation material.

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