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"Both chess and yoga help to improve concentration, while at the same time engendering a sense of community and peace. In order to improve critical thinking skills, Chess Yoga is dedicated to creating after school chess programs, providing chess equipment, and sponsoring amateur chess competition for less affluent students."
                                - Rico Adkins, Founder/Director/CFO

Help Chess Yoga provide chess instruction and chess equipment for underprivileged youth.
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Chess Yoga donates chess equipment to the JRDC school
in Shashamene, Ethiopia December 2012

Director Adkins coaching during a youth tournament
in Ashkelon, Israel June, 2014
Richmond High School, 2007 West Contra Costa Champs
        Coach Carlos Taboada, Weijun Cheng, Ricardo Lomeli,
        Rabricio Arroyo, Mark Armendariz, and Ferrando Velazquez

Training JRDC teachers to become chess instructors by Chess Yoga
Director Rico Adkins in Shashamene, Ethiopia December 2012

Pinole Valley High School, the 2009 West Contra Costa Champs